Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been established in 1885. Since then, developing itself, Edirne Chamber has been one of the biggest and most experienced Chambers not only in surroundings, but also all over the country. The main activity area of the Chamber is to serve its members on time and in most qualified way.  Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, having nearly 3500 members, is a leader institution supporting the development of its members, encouraging the investments in the region, promoting their members for commercial activities.

Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, having 16 different occupational group, serves a large scale of sectors including contraction, food products and food industry, trade, textile, agriculture, tourism companies and so on.

Edirne Chamber is one of the most important mechanism supporting regional Commerce and Industry and mostly have effect on the decision-making process of the Government about business related issues.  Edirne CCI has implemented serial of EU projects that are extremely relevant to the topic of the increasing commercial and economic potential of the region in cooperation and exchange of good practices. Edirne CCI has special department that unites the women entrepreneurs from the region of Edirne which is aiming to promote and defend the position of the women in the regional economy. Those are active women with very strong positions in the business and social field who could influence through their actions and ideas big social circles. In recent years, the board’s activities have been strongly geared towards women employed in the agricultural sector, as this sector has seen a focus on nature-friendly production, organic farming and the production of clean and safe food. Women Enterpreneurs Board has the financial capacity and human resources to organize large-scale initiatives and activities with a large number of participants.  Edirne CCI supports their actions in the field of organic production and environmental protection through organizing a lot of promotional campaigns, seminars and events to show and promote the benefits of organic production.

Edirne CCI /ETSO/ as an independent, non-profit, voluntary business organization in the region of Edirne, aims to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of the region’s bussines – industrialists, manufacturers, retailers, including those working in the agro bussines sector, nature protection, sustainable use and management of common natural resources. As an economic activity, ecologic and organic farming is defined as a priority activity in the current and future programming periods for the regions on whose territory the Edirne CCI operates. SMEs and institutions working in the agrobussines sector work with Edirne CCI to take part in exhibitions, business missions and B2B meetings, giving them more business opportunities for sustainable use and management of common natural resources. The Edirne CCI has accumulated capacity in this area as a contractor for conducting research and training on the theme of nature conservation and natural resources. Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry exists and works for female entrepreneurs in agriculture. It brings together women who produce agricultural products in over 15 villages in the region. The association dips a week, organizing a large market for their products on Sundays. Some of these products are environmentally friendly and clean. The interest in the products is very high. Hundreds of people from the cross-border region visit it and buy products. Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working in partnership with the Thracian University and the Agriculture and Ecology schools, which mainly prepare staff for the agricultural sector and the agriculture sector.