On 10.11.2020, Euroclub Woman held a press conference in Yambol, to announce the end of the project “ECO WOMAN – initiatives to manage natural resources for better life”/No CB, funded by the Interreg-IPA cross-border programme Bulgaria – Turkey 2014 – 2020.

The press conference was attended by over 30 representatives of local and regional media, interested parties, partner organizations who received more information about the project and all envisaged project activities, the timetable of activities and opportunities for inclusion in them.

The project ends on 12.11.2020 and this is the last event of its implementation. The project’s leading partner is Euroclub woman, Bulgaria, a partner from Edirne, Turkey is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Edirne. The project is implemented under priority axis 1 “Sustainable environment”, Specific objective 1.2. Improving the capacity for nature conservation, sustainable use and management of the common natural resources in the cross-border area through joint initiatives from the second call for projects proposals under the Interreg-IPA cross-border programme Bulgaria – Turkey 2014-2020.

Through the implementation of the planned project activities, the project successfully implemented joint initiatives related to protection and improvement of the quality of natural resources – air, water and soil, by applying a series of good practices related to the formation of resources and capacity among people for conservation and managing the purity of the main components of the natural environment, in the cross-border region, through training and motivation, for the implementation of ecological and biological production, for ensuring safe and environmentally friendly life.

The project activities were diverse, including a survey, summarizing the opinions of 300 people from the cross-border region, issuing an information brochure, trainings involving 80 people, exchanges of visits, including over 200 representatives from the region, project website, production and distribution of promotional materials. All these implemented activities provoked and aroused the interest of the general public from the cross-border region to work and discuss measures to protect the environment where they live and work.

More information about the implemented project activities can be found on the project website: https://eco.euwomanbg.com/ or in the office of Euroclub Women (Yambol 8600, Rakovski 1).