Project CB005.2.12.079,Contract № РД-02-29-174/23.07.2019

Lead Partner: Евроклуб Жена,Ямбол, България

PartnerТърговско-промишлена палата Одрин, Турция

Priority axis 2: Sustainable tourism

Specific objective 1.2: Increasing the touristic attractiveness of the cross-border area through better utilisation of natural, cultural and historical heritage and related infrastructure;

Duration:  12 months (24.07.2019 – 23.07.2020)

Project Budget: 114 135.15Euro

Main project Objective:  Active cooperation, joint initiatives and activities related to the protection and improvement of the quality of natural resources – air, water and soil in the cross-border region by implementing a series of best practices related to the formation of resource and capacity building among people about preservation and management of physical and biological purity of the main components of the natural environment in the cross-border region through education, information, counseling and motivation for the implementation of ecological and organic farming to ensure safe and consistent natural life.

Specific Objectives: long-term and competent capacity building and awareness among people who manage and exploit natural resources, to apply environmental and safe practices leading to the preservation of one of the important elements of the natural environment-soil and everything related to it.

Project Activities:

  • Press conferences – four press conferences will be held to promote the project, its objectives, tasks, activities, results and support by the EU – 2 press-conferences for launching the project and 2 for its results in Bulgaria and Turkey.
  • Messages, publications, interviews and discussions in the regional media on the project topics – 10 publications, 4 radio programs, 4 TV broadcasts, in the regional media in Bulgaria and Turkey on the project topics.
  • Means for visualization, information materials and promotional leaflet – a promotional leaflet will be printed in 2 languages – Bulgarian and Turkish with information about the project. Promotional materials / pens, folders, T-shirts, USB, notebooks / and roll-up banners will be produced to disseminate info for the project and its activities.
  • Project Web site- it will disseminate up to date information, concerning project implementation
  • Questionnaire – information research and analysis of the opinions, needs, attitudes and interests of people towards the problems related to protection and preservation of the environment. The survey will include 150 representatives from Bulgaria and 150 from Turkey. An analysis of the results of the study will be made and uploaded to the project site.
  • Informational edition “Ecology – protecting the components of the environment”- the brochure will aim to collect, summarize and handle basic information about the major threats of contamination of soil, water and air; standards for purity and safety; standards of pollution. There will be selected and described major threats of pollution within the cross- border region and globally, threats of chemical pollution and climate change, best practices and solved problems, best scenarios and recommendations to people about ecology in domestic and social production areas.This will be a full-color brochure, bilingual (Bulgarian and Turkish)- 1000 copies.
    Training I for capacity building in Yambol and Edirne: “Ecology of air, water and soil-their importance and impact on living nature”-a training in Edirne and one in Yambol-30 hours, 5 days, with 20 participants.
  • Training II for capacity building in Yambol and Edirne “Organization and implementation of ecological and organic production of agricultural products and foodstuffs “-One training in Edirne and one in Yambol-30 hours, 5 days, with 20 participants.
    Cross-border Forums “Ecology and Bioproducts”-a two-day event in Yambol and one in Edirne. Each of them will include a seminar part, on-site visits to bio-product manufacturers, partnership meetings and exhibition of organic products from local producers. Events will include exchange groups of 40 representatives from the other country.
    International conference “Cultivation of organic products”-three-day conference in Yambol, Bulgaria. In the conference will take part 40 representative from Turkey and 40 from Bulgaria. The event will embed a seminar section and discussion panels. The conference will also include on-site visits to agricultural firms, producers – good examples in the field of environmental protection. The conference aims to present all the implemented project activities and to summarize the results achieved.

Target groups

  • women entrepreneurs, active women, experts from public institutions relevant to ecology and environmental protection, researchers from institutes and universities working on environmental protection, farmers from the cross-border region

The project is funded by the European Union through the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Programme Bulgaria–Turkey 2014-2020