In the period 04-05.11.2020, there has been organised the final international conference under the project “Eco Woman” – “The importance of growing organic products”, including seminar and discussion part and on the spot visits in Yambol region, good practices in the field of natural preseravtion. The event was hosted and coordinated from Euroclub Woman, leading partner from Bulgaria of the project “EcoWoman”.

On the first day of its program, the international event included a seminar part, in which a Turkish delegation of 22 participants took part, led by the project partner from Turkey – the Edirne Chamber of Commerce. From the region of Yambol, about 30 participants took part, who are engaged or interested in ecology, healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. The lecture part of the event provided an opportunity for discussion and exchange of good practices in the field of ecological production, as well as on the topic of environmental protection, by reducing the harmful effects of human activity. The development and trends in organic production in Bulgaria and in the region of Yambol were also presented. On the second day of the program, in the morning, the event continued again with a seminar part, which focused on labeling, packaging and branding of organic products and their certification. Participants actively participated in the discussion panel, presenting information on the control of organic products, comparing the requirements in one European and one non-European country.

In the afternoon, Euroclub Women organized two on-site visits for the Turkish delegation – one to a waste recycling organization and the other to a visitor center in the Bakadjik area, which was established to preserve nature and natural resources in the area of Yambol.

The representatives from Bulgaria and Turkey ended the last international event with great satisfaction about the opportunity they had to work, exchange information, good practices and site visits, everything related to environmental protection, through ecological and natural production of food products that protect nature.

The project is coming to an end, but the partner organizations have promised to continue working on the project topic and to support various initiatives promoting environmental protection.