EUROCLUB WOMAN, as lead project partner organization in the project “ECO WOMAN-Iinitiatives for management of natural resources for better Life“/№ CB005.2.12.079/,co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Programme Bulgaria–Turkey, and host of the event is pleased to invite represenytatives from Bulgaria to take part in the final international conference under the above stated project – “The importance of growing organic products” in Yambol, Bulgaria.


The event aims to present the achieved indicators of the project, study-analysis of the project, to provide an opportunity for representatives from the two countries (Bulgaria and Turkey) to discuss the main topic of the project, namely – methods for environmental protection and the importance of organic products. Based on the exchanged experiences during the event, there will be prepared recommendations to the local and regional authorities, to promote the organic production and environmental protection in the region.

  • Seminar part “The importance of organic products” on 11.2020 and 05.11.2020.
  • Organized site visits – examples of good practices from the region of Yambol on 05.11.2020.


HERE you can find the agenda of the event.

Representatives from the region of Yambol, Bulgaria are invited to take part in the international event, representatives of the project target group, namely: project experts, students, SME representatives, farmers, researchers, environmentalists, experts from public institutions related to ecology and environmental protection, researchers from institutes and universities working on environmental protection, farmers, in order to have the opportunity to exchange experience and discussions with the representatives from Edirne,Turkey involved in the event.

The international conference will include also around 40 participants from Edirne, Turkey, representatives of the project. This will provide an opportunity for exchange of experience and discussions between the representatives from Bulgaria and Turkey involved in the event.

Project partner from Turkey is the Edirne Chamber of Commerce. The project is implemented under priority axis 1 “Environment”, specific objective 1.2. Improving the capacity for nature conservation, sustainable use and management of common natural resources in the cross-border area through joint initiatives” of the second call for proposals for the Cross-border Cooperation Program Interreg – IPA Bulgaria – Turkey 2014-2020. The project aims to implement joint initiatives related to the conservation and improvement of the quality of natural resources – air, water and soil in the cross-border region, through the implementation of a series of good practices related to the formation of human resources and capacity for the conservation and management of natural resources. the purity of the main components of the natural environment, in the cross-border region, through training and motivation, for the application of organic and organic production to ensure a safe and environmentally friendly life.

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    Tatyana BalakchievaProject  Manager

    Tel. 046/ 66 29 39; Е-mail:

    Yambol 8600, 1 Rakovski str. ( 8:30:17:30)