Plastic is a material which is the most widely used and disposed of materials of our daily lives.

Research showed that plastic accounts for 10 percent of the environmental wastes.

Research also showed that almost 50 percent of the plastic materials that we use in everyday life consists of disposable.

Plastic materials are always used in daily life. Some of the objects made of plastic are intended for prolonged use.

However, most of them are intended and produced for short-term use. (Bottles, caps, newspapers etc). Plastics could survive in the nature without decompose for long years. It is possible to find plastic wastes in the furthermost parts of the world.

However, plastic is a recyclable material. The same can also be involved in the recycle. Considering recycle of plastics, the first things coming to mind include water bottles, bags, yoghurt boxes, shampoo bottles etc. Such plastics intended for domestic use can be recycled at industrial recycle plants and reused.

Types of Recyclable Plastics

Polyethylene terephthalate: Beverages, water bottles, jars.

High-density polyethylene: Water pipes, shampoo pipes, cosmetics bottles.

Polyvinyl chloride: bottles for non food applications, fences, rails, Windows

Low-density polyethylene: Greenhouse covers, films, packages, electric industry

Polypropylene: Plastic bottles, electric industry, kitchen utensils

Polystyrene: Toys, video cassettes, insulation materials

Polycarbonate: Nylons.